Life, culture, and intentionality

Casa de la Mateada

A reflection from Dan Curtain that mulls over the beauty of life, responds to some questions that have arisen in the context of this new culture, as well as his desire to live intentionally as a result of his experiences here.

During my lunch break I walked the several blocks its takes to get to Plaza de San Martín from the UCC. I found a park bench and sat, soaking in the life around me. The sky was the bluest of blues, and leaves the greenest of greens. Niñas frolicked and giggled, while pigeons pecked at the crumbs left behind by a woman’s Media Luna pastry. Chess pieces slid and clinked at the various tables near me. Occasionally, I am able to tap into this attentive existence and truly absorb the beauty that surrounds me. But, as Martin Laird mentions in his book, Into the Silent Land, this beauty also exists…

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